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24 july 2023

Here's how to create your own gorgeous vanity corner!

Would you like to have a special place in your bedroom where you can make up and take care of yourself? Then create your own beautiful make-up corner! A make-up corner not only provides a functional space to make yourself beautiful, but is a stylish addition to your (bed)room. In this article, we share tips and inspiration to create your perfect make-up corner.


Create your vanity corner

Before you get started decorating your make-up corner, it's important to lay a good foundation. Here are some essential elements to consider:


Make-up table

A make-up table is the centerpiece of your make-up corner. Choose a vanity desk that suits your personal style and the space available in your bedroom. Go for a dressing table with shelves and storage options, so you can keep all your make-up and grooming products in an organized manner. Don't forget to provide the make-up table with a comfortable chair or stool on which you can sit while making up. Find more information on make-up chairs and stools below.


Make-up mirror

A good make-up mirror is indispensable in your make-up corner. Select a mirror that is large enough and in which you can see yourself clearly. Consider whether you want to hang the mirror on the wall or prefer to use the base so that you have a standing mirror that rests on the make-up table. You can also opt for a make-up table with a mirror. Remember that you need enough light so that you have good visibility while applying make-up.


Make-up table chair

A comfortable make-up chair or make-up stool is essential for your make-up nook. Choose a chair that matches the style of your dressing table and is comfortable to sit on. Another great addition to your make-up corner is a velvet pouf.  When selecting a chair, also consider the height, so you can sit comfortably at the vanity desk. Generally, it is recommended that you adjust your chair so that your feet rest flat on the floor and your knees are bent at an angle of about 90 degrees. When sitting at the table, make sure that your forearms can rest comfortably on the make-up table without your shoulders being pulled up.


Make-up organizer

An organized make-up corner is nice and uncluttered. Therefore, use make-up organizers to store your products neatly. Consider storing your make-up brushes, lipsticks, eyeshadow palettes and other products. This way you have everything within easy reach and can quickly find what you need.


Vanity styling

Besides the functional aspects, you can also style your make-up corner to give it a personal and atmospheric look. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Add a vanity shelf next to your make-up mirror for added glamour.
  • Decorate the vanity table with a vase of flowers, a scented candle or other decorative items that match your bedroom style.
  • Use a perfume organizer to display your perfume collection on your make-up table


Ready to create your perfect make-up nook?

With the above tips and inspiration, you are ready to create your own beautiful make-up corner. At Bright Beauty Vanity you will find a wide selection of vanity desks, mirrors, chairs, and organizers to complete your corner. Take a look at our website and discover the possibilities. Create a place where you can pamper yourself and start each day radiantly!

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