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3 july 2024

Doing your own bridal make-up: roadmap

Whether you want to cut costs, enjoy the creative process, or just like to be in control of your bridal make-up, with this step-by-step plan you will know exactly what you need and how to apply basic make-up for a natural bridal look. Want to create a specific style? Then feel free to add extra eye make-up or experiment with different lipstick or lip gloss colors.

What will you find in this step-by-step plan?

  1. frequently asked questions about doing your own bridal make-up
  2. preparation
  3. make-up essentials (list)
  4. apply make-up 
  5. final tips for the big day

Frequently asked questions

1. Do I need expensive products for my bridal make-up?

It is not necessary to use expensive products for your bridal make-up, but it is important to choose quality products that last. Some budget-friendly products can perform just as well as their more expensive counterparts. 

2. How do I make sure my make-up stays on all day?

Use a good primer, long-lasting foundation and concealer, and fix your make-up with a setting powder and setting spray. Waterproof mascara and eyeliner are also recommended.

3. How do I choose the right foundation color?

Test foundation on your jawline and make sure it blends seamlessly with your neck. Look at the foundation in natural light to find the best match.

4. What should I do if I have oily skin?

Use a mattifying primer and setting powder to control excess oil. Opt for oil-free and long-lasting foundations.

5. Fake eyelashes: to do or not to do?

There are many different styles available, from natural-looking lashes to dramatic, full lashes. That way, you choose the perfect look to suit your style and the wedding theme. One advantage of fake eyelashes is that they stay on all day and night, especially if you use waterproof glue. Ultimately, wearing fake eyelashes on your wedding day is a personal choice and depends on your preferences and the effect you want to achieve with your bridal make-up.


1. Skin care

Start a good skin care routine a few weeks in advance. Ensure clean, hydrated skin by regularly cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing. Exfoliating is the removal of dead skin cells to achieve smoother and fresher skin. This can be done using scrubs or acids (e.g., salicylic acid or glycolic acid). You don't need to buy dozens of cleansing products. A basic cleansing in the morning and evening is enough to take good care of your skin.

  1. Cleanse with mild facial cleanser (without perfume, alcohol, and parabens).
  2. Tone with a toner for extra cleansing so that the care you apply is better absorbed.
  3. Moisturize with a day cream and night cream.

2. Trial make-up

Practice your make-up several times before the wedding day to see which products and techniques work best.

3. Adapt to the weather

Consider the weather conditions (e.g., humidity, heat) on your wedding day when choosing products.

Supplies for doing your own bridal make-up (list)

After taking care of your skin, you'll want to have all the supplies you need to apply professional bridal make-up to yourself. This is a comprehensive list. It's up to you to decide what you need or don't need.

Skin care

  1. Facial cleanser:
    • Gentle facial cleanser (free of perfume, alcohol, and parabens)
  2. Toner:
    • Hydrating toner (extra cleansing and hydration)
  3. Exfoliant:
    • Mild exfoliant (to remove dead skin cells)
  4. Serums:
    • Hydrating serum
    • Vitamin C serum (optional)
  5. Moisturizer:
    • Day cream
  6. Eye cream:
    • Hydrating eye cream
  7. Lip scrub:
    • For soft and smooth lips


  1. Primer:
    • Pore-filling primer
    • Hydrating primer (for dry skin)
    • Mattifying primer (for oily skin)
  2. Foundation:
    • Long-lasting foundation
  3. Concealer:
    • Under-eye concealer
    • Spot concealer
  4. Setting powder:
    • Translucent setting powder
    • Compact powder for touch-ups
  5. Blush:
    • Powder blush or cream blush
  6. Bronzer:
    • Powder bronzer or cream bronzer
  7. Highlighter:
    • Powder highlighter or liquid highlighter
  8. Setting spray:
    • Long-lasting setting spray


  1. Eyeshadow primer:
    • Eyeshadow base
  2. Eyeshadow palette:
    • Neutral shades
    • Glitter or shimmer shades
  3. Eyeliner:
    • Gel eyeliner
    • Liquid eyeliner
    • Pencil eyeliner
  4. Mascara:
    • Waterproof mascara
    • Volumizing or lengthening mascara
  5. Eyelash curler:
    • Eyelash curler
  6. Fake eyelashes (optional):
    • Eyelash glue
    • Eyelash applicator


  1. Eyebrow pencil:
    • Eyebrow pencil
  2. Eyebrow gel:
    • Clear or tinted eyebrow gel


  1. Lip balm:
    • Moisturizing lip balm
  2. Lip liner:
    • Long-lasting lip liner
  3. Lipstick/Lip gloss:
    • Long-lasting lipstick
    • Lip gloss for extra shine

Extras and tools

  1. Make-up sponges:
    • Beauty blender or similar sponges
  2. Make-up brushes:
    • Foundation brush
    • Concealer brush
    • Powder brush
    • Blush brush
    • Bronzer brush
    • Highlighter brush
    • Eyebrow brush
    • Eyeshadow brushes
      • Blend brush
      • Flat eyeshadow brush
      • Small precision brush
  3. Mirrors:
  4. Lighting: 
  5. Cotton swabs:
    • For minor corrections
  6. Make-up remover:
    • Make-up remover
    • Cotton pads
  7. Small touch-up kit:
    • Powder
    • Lipstick/lip gloss
    • Mini hairspray (for frizzy hair)

With this comprehensive list of essentials, you will be well prepared to do your own bridal make-up yourself. 

Applying make-up


  1. Primer: 
    • Use a primer to smooth your skin, minimize pores and extend the hold of your make-up. Choose a primer that suits your skin type (matte for oily skin, hydrating for dry skin).
  2. Foundation: 
    • Choose a lightweight, long-lasting foundation that matches your skin tone. Apply a small amount of foundation on the back of your hand for control. Use a make-up sponge, foundation brush, or your fingers to apply foundation. A sponge gives a natural, airbrushed finish, a brush provides even coverage and build-up, and fingers help the foundation melt into the skin better due to heat. Place dots of foundation on your forehead, cheeks, nose and chin, blending from the center outwards. Gently dab the sponge or brush onto your skin with a bouncing motion rather than smudging. Add additional layers if needed for more coverage, and make sure everything is blended well to avoid hard lines. Read a more detailed step-by-step guide to applying foundation.
  3. Concealer:
    • Use concealer (after foundation) to hide dark circles, redness, and blemishes. Apply under the eyes in a triangular shape and on any blemishes.
  4. Setting powder: 
    • Apply a translucent setting powder to set your foundation and concealer and reduce shine, especially on the T-zone.

Eye make-up

  1. Eyeshadow primer: 
    • Apply an eyeshadow primer to prevent your eyeshadow from smudging and to increase color intensity.
  2. Eye shadow: 
    • Choose neutral shades for a natural look. Start with a light shade all over the eyelid, add a medium shade in the arcade arch and a darker shade at the outer corner of the eye. Blend well to avoid harsh lines.
  3. Mascara: 
    • Curl your lashes with an eyelash curler and then apply a coat of waterproof mascara. If you want to apply fake eyelashes, do so after applying a thin coat of mascara. After applying the fake lashes, apply a second coat of mascara to blend your natural lashes with the fake lashes. This will ensure a uniform and full look. If necessary, use an eyelash curler to curl up the fake lashes and natural lashes together. Use a liquid or gel eyeliner to cover the lash line and hide any glue residue. This ensures a seamless transition between your natural lashes and the fake lashes.
  4. Eyeliner: 
    • Apply a thin line of eyeliner along the upper lash line. Use a brown or black eyeliner for a subtle effect.

Contour and highlight

  1. Blush: 
    • Apply blush to the apples of your cheeks and blend upwards for a natural blush.
  2. Bronzer: 
    • Use a bronzer to contour your face. Apply under the cheekbones, along the jawline and on the temples.
  3. Highlighter: 
    • Highlight the high points of your face such as the cheekbones, bridge of the nose, Cupid’s bow and under the brow arch for a radiant glow.


  1. Exfoliate and moisturize: 
    • Gently exfoliate your lips to remove dead skin cells and apply a moisturizing lip balm.
  2. Lipstick or lip gloss: 
    • Use a neutral or light pink lipstick or lip gloss for a natural look. Line your lips first with a lip liner for extra definition and longevity.


  1. Setting spray: 
    • Use a setting spray to fix your make-up and ensure it stays on all day.

By following these steps, you will create a natural and radiant bridal make-up that will stay perfectly in place on your big day. Read more about step-by-step make-up application.

Final tips before the big day

  • Taster sessions: practice your make-up several times before the wedding day to be sure of your techniques and products.
  • Touch-up kit: make sure you have a small touch-up kit with you on the wedding day with powder, lipstick, blotting papers and a small mirror.
  • Stay hydrated: drink plenty of water in the days before your wedding for hydrated and glowing skin.
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