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19 february 2024

Applying makeup: a step-by-step guide

Are you ready to take your makeup skills to the next level? In this blog post, we'll take you step-by-step through the process of applying makeup, from preparation to finishing touches.

Order to apply makeup

The order of applying makeup is important to ensure that your makeup looks smooth and professional. By following the steps in the right order, you will prevent your makeup from smudging, shimmering or getting into the creases of your skin. Let's get started!

Step 1: Skin care

A beautiful makeup look starts with healthy, hydrated skin. By taking care of your skin before you apply makeup, you ensure that it looks smoother, lasts longer and looks more natural.


The first step is to thoroughly cleanse your face with a mild cleanser. This removes dirt, oil, and makeup residue from the day. Choose a cleanser suitable for your skin type.


After cleansing, apply a toner to restore your skin's pH level. This helps to restore your skin's natural balance and shrink your pores. This contributes to the smooth look we naturally desire.


The last step is to moisturize your face with a cream that suits your skin type. This will make your skin soft and supple and help makeup adhere better. Take the time to let the cream soak in well before proceeding with makeup. This will prevent the products from not doing their job properly and blending.


A primer is a product you apply after your moisturizer and before your foundation. It provides a smooth base, fills in fine lines and makes your makeup last longer.

Apply a small amount of primer on your fingers and spread it evenly over your face. You can also use a primer for your eyes to make eye shadow look more beautiful and prevent it from settling in the creases of your eyelids.

Step 2: Foundation

Foundation is the foundation of your makeup look. It’s in the name. It creates an even complexion and can camouflage blemishes and discolorations. Do you have an even complexion and only want to camouflage minor blemishes? Then apply foundation first and then use concealer on the areas that need extra coverage.

Step 3: Concealer

Concealer is used to camouflage dark circles under the eyes and hide small blemishes. Do you suffer from dark circles and blemishes? Then apply concealer to the problem areas first, blend it well and then apply foundation. This is because concealer is less effective on blemishes already covered by foundation.

Step 4: Powder

Powder is like the finishing touch to your foundation. It does two important things: it makes sure your foundation stays in place, and it mellows your skin. By this, we mean it reduces a shiny or oily look.

So after you apply your foundation, use a little powder. This not only helps fix your foundation so it doesn't fade quickly, but it also absorbs any excess oil on your skin. This keeps your makeup looking fresh throughout the day.

Step 5: Eyes and eyebrows

Eye shadow, eyeliner, and mascara are used to highlight your eyes. Apply eyeshadow and eyeliner after your foundation and powder so that your makeup does not get caught in the creases of your eyelids. Apply mascara last, to lengthen and plump your lashes.

When you want to fill in or accentuate your eyebrows, do so with an eyebrow pencil, powder or gel. Eyebrow products are best applied after your eye shadow and eyeliner. By applying eye shadow and eyeliner first, you determine the colors and prevent eyebrow products from smudging. Pretty convenient!

Step 6: Lips

Lips are like the final work of art on your face. Lipstick, lip gloss or lip balm not only give your lips color, but also moisturize them. It is important to keep this step as one of the last.

This allows you to coordinate the color with the rest of your makeup, creating a cohesive look. It also prevents staining or bleeding of the lip color while applying other products.

Take a moment to make your lips look beautiful. Use a lip brush if you want to be very precise, or just apply the color directly to your lips. This will give your lips a beautiful look to match the rest of your makeup!

Step 7: Finishing touch

The final step in your makeup routine is the finishing touch with a setting spray. A setting spray forms a protective layer, so to speak, over your makeup, making it last longer and look fresh throughout the day.

By applying the setting spray last, you fix all layers of makeup on your face. It prevents your makeup from fading, bleeding or shining. Hold the setting spray at bay and give a few light mists over your face to seal your look, so to speak.

This last step is the icing on the cake. It ensures that your makeup not only starts beautifully, but stays beautiful, and gives you the confidence to face the day with a radiant look.

Tools and accessories for applying makeup

Discover the must-have tools for perfect makeup! From brushes to eyelash curlers, these accessories make your makeup routine easier and ensure a beautiful finish.

  1. Brushes: various brushes are available for applying foundation, concealer, powder, blush, bronzer, eyeshadow, eyeliner, and lipstick. Choose good quality brushes with soft bristles suitable for your makeup products.
  2. Eyelash curler: an eyelash curler helps to curl and elevate your lashes, making your eyes look bigger and more open.
  3. Eyebrow brush: shape your eyebrows and give them the finishing touch.
  4. Makeup organizers: keep all your favorite products neatly organized in makeup organizers.
  5. Sponges: sponges are ideal for applying foundation and powder. They provide an even, smooth finish.
  6. Brush cleaner: keep your brushes clean and hygienic for optimal performance. This prevents bacteria and dirt from accumulating. This can irritate your skin and cause acne.
  7. Setting spray: a setting spray helps to set your makeup and ensure it stays on longer.

Next level makeup application: a hollywood makeup mirror

Now that you have discovered all the steps for a perfect makeup look, you naturally want to ensure ultimate ease and precision. For this, using a good makeup mirror is ideal. Discover Bright Beauty Vanity's great selection of makeup mirrors, made to perfect every detail of your look.

Our mirrors are made of FSC-certified MDF and feature durable LED lights with different lighting options for every occasion. Whether you prefer warm, neutral or white light, our touch dimmer ensures the right setting.

Complete your makeup routine and invest in your makeup mirror from Bright Beauty Vanity now. Our mirrors are the number one choice among professionals, and they are a valuable addition to your makeup gear.

Makeup seating and convenient dressing tables

With us, you'll find not only mirrors, but also comfortable makeup seating and convenient vanity desks. Place your makeup mirror on one of our vanity desks and create your own makeup station. This will make applying makeup not only convenient but also an enjoyable experience!

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