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3 july 2024

How to apply foundation in 3 steps?

Healthy, even skin that makes you look fresh all day long? A good foundation will help you do just that. But to create a natural effect, it is important to apply foundation properly. How do you do that, and what do you need to consider? In this blog, you will read how to apply a nice layer of foundation in 3 steps.

What do you use foundation for?

Foundation is great for giving the skin on your face a healthy and even look. For example, do you regularly have red spots that you don't want to be visible? Then you can apply a foundation.

Foundation can sometimes be confused with primer and concealer. That is why we first explain the differences before explaining how to apply foundation.

The difference between foundation, primer, and concealer

To give your face an even base, you can choose to use three products - foundation, primer and concealer. It is not necessary to use them all, but it is useful to know what the differences are:

  • A primer often serves as a base for foundation. So to make sure the foundation adheres better and stays put throughout the day, apply the primer first.
  • Whereas foundation is meant to give your skin an even complexion, concealer is meant to hide small irregularities. So you only apply concealer to specific spots on your face, such as a pimple or dark circles under your eyes.

The color of your foundation

When you apply foundation, you want to create a natural effect. Therefore, it is essential to use a foundation that matches the color of your skin. The color of the foundation depends on the undertone of your skin, which is warm, cool or neutral. You can test this by looking at your face in your make-up mirror while holding a white paper next to it. The color that comes out the most determines the undertone of your skin:

  • A yellow color in your face means you have a warm undertone. 
  • If you see mostly pink or red, then you have a cool undertone.
  • No color that stands out? Then your undertone is neutral.

The warm, cool or neutral undertone determines which foundation you need. You can then choose three shades to test out on your skin. When you apply a little foundation on your jawline and let it blend well, the idea is that you should see minimal color difference from the rest of your face. To see this properly, it is best to use a mirror with good make-up lighting

Applying foundation with a brush or sponge?

If you want to apply foundation, it is important to have the right tools. Not only the foundation itself, but also the brush or sponge you use will influence the final result.

You can apply foundation with a sponge or a wide makeup brush. It is important that the sponge or brush is firm and has a high density. This is because the firmness of the tool ensures that the foundation is properly applied to the skin. If you choose to use a brush, you have the advantage that the foundation provides better coverage. With the brush, you can make short sweeps, so you get a nice, even result. If you prefer to use a sponge, dab the foundation onto your skin. The sponge is flexible and molds itself to your face, giving you a natural look without leaving visible lines or smudges.

An extra tip: do you have different products and tools for different make-up purposes? To keep an overview, store your products in a make-up organizer. The organizer will not only keep your brushes in good condition, your make-up products and tools will also look great displayed on your vanity desk.

Applying foundation in 3 steps

Do you have everything needed and do you want to get ready for a night out or a day at work? Follow the next steps to apply foundation. In these steps, we will mainly discuss how best to apply foundation, as you wish, you can also decide whether to use primer and concealer.

Step 1. Primer as a base (optional)

Applying foundation aims to give your face a healthy and even appearance. This starts with your skin itself. Using a fine face cream and drinking enough water will hydrate your skin. Having healthy skin as a base ensures a more beautiful result. In addition, you may want to use a primer that makes the foundation adhere better. As a result, the foundation will stick well and you will still have a fresh and healthy look after a long day. 

Apply an even, thin layer of primer to your face. Particularly important are your chin, nose, forehead and cheekbones. To apply the primer, you can use a flat brush, sponge or your fingertips.

Step 2. Apply foundation

When applying foundation, it is important to have a good view of your face. You achieve this by choosing lamps with the right color temperature. That way, you can best mimic natural light. Not only will you be able to see the details on your face, you will also immediately see what the foundation does to the color and evenness of your face. 

If you have applied a primer, it is important to take a few minutes to let it dry. If you use a skin cream instead of primer, it is advisable to let it soak in. 

The idea is to apply the foundation evenly to the skin, without getting too thick a layer. It is best to start with small bits. If you apply too much at once, you risk the foundation not blending well and making your skin look flaky and blotchy. You want to avoid this so-called cakey effect.

Start with the areas of your skin where you want the most coverage. These are usually your cheekbones, nose and chin where the skin is more likely to turn red. By making stamping movements, the foundation will blend well with the skin. In time, you will see a nice, even look emerge without having to apply a thick layer.

Don't forget to include your neck too by applying long strokes. Not only does this make for a beautiful look, but it's also a handy way to get the last bits of foundation off your brush or sponge. 

Step 3. Finish details with concealer (optional)

Finally, if the foundation looks great on your skin, you can choose to use concealer. Use a thinner brush to apply concealer to areas you couldn't reach with the wide brush or sponge.

Finish your make-up

Have you followed the above steps to apply your foundation? Then you have an even and natural base for the other make-up you want to apply. How about a nice eye shadow, eyeliner and a lipstick to match your look? Read how to apply make-up step by step in our blog..

Doing make-up with Bright Beauty Vanity

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